Appreciating Our Ancestors; Immigration Stories

Most of us have heard stories from family members of how our family got to North America and the United States. Whether your ancestors walked across the Bering Strait, were Shanghaied or came in chains, traveled in luxury across the Atlantic or barely made it out of a war-torn country, we want to honor your ancestors by hearing their stories.

We want to hear about the scholars, robber barons, dustbowl survivors and migrant workers. We want to hear about their hopes and dreams and failures and resilience and love they inspired in generations after them. We hope that you share their stories and honor them through a service honoring our ancestors on October 30, 2022.

Send your stories, 2-4 minutes long, to no later than October 14th. We need at least 10 stories, and if there is more, no worries, as we will publish the rest in the newsletter over the coming year. If you would like to include a photo, please attach it to the email you send with your story, and our spiffy Slide Guy will get it up on the screen for all to see. No picture, no worries. Last year the stories were wonderful and made such a special service. Please help make it special again.

Thank you ~the Worship Team