Revitalize Yourself with Music, Song and Movement

Dances of Universal Peace

Join again the Dances of Universal Peace in the UUCS Fellowship Hall October 7 at 7:00 pm. Experience the revitalizing and healing energy of music, spiritual song and movement. This activity has four levels of participation. One can sit and enjoy the activity, sit and sing, sit and sing and participate in seated movement, or participate in group singing and movement. Many of the songs use chants, melodies, or sacred phrases from spiritual traditions around the world including indigenous and earth and nature-based spirituality. Movements are simple circle dance movements. All song and movements are fully taught and range from meditative to lively.

Diversity of spiritual traditions represented in songs is intended to promote appreciation of spiritual traditions different from our own, with the aim of promoting peace, with understanding prevailing over intolerance. For more information on this type of song and movement, learn more about the Dances of Universal Peace at their website.

Note: If you arrive after the event start time of 7 pm, the main door will be locked but the door immediately to the right that opens directly into the dance space, will be propped open.
COVID Safety Measures: You can be masked or unmasked. We will do our best to offer modifications to support individual desires for physical distancing. Please bring water bottle for personal hydration.
Dances of Universal Peace will continue on first Fridays and third Thursdays of every month.