Shower Trailer Nears Completion

The first movable shower trailer for use by people living in their supervised micro-shelter communities in the Salem area, “Shower Trailer Number One” is nearing completion with roll-out now scheduled for late June. The movable shower trailer was purchased by Habitat and Hope Village, Inc. and built-in Salem by Edomo, Inc., and will be donated to Church at the Park.

Some materials have been delayed, but assembly continues as parts arrive. Featuring one ADA accessible and two standard restroom facilities with showers, vanities, and toilets, the trailer is designed for hook-up to city utilities. So, there will be no need to move it off-site for wastewater disposal. That, in turn, means more people can be served conveniently than with traveling shower units now in use at some locations.

We look forward to your comments and continued support as we work to design and purchase additional portable service units. Check out the Shower Trailer Number One design and “other possibilities” on our website:

Together we will make a difference in the quality of life for our unsheltered neighbors.

~Paul Wilson