Coffee Connections

Greetings members and friends of UUCS Sunday Services. Have you been missing something during Fellowship time? Something maybe like……coffee? As you both live in the Pacific Northwest and are Unitarian Universalists, the need of caffeine runs deep in you: we know and understand. At the point when we will to be able to start serving coffee, tea, and treats during fellowship hour, we will need your skills and talents!

To proactively organize this for the year, we have already put your name down in hopes that you are willing and able to help. Never done this before? No worries, teams will be set up so that people who have done this before are paired with those that are new to this. We are hoping that with enough people doing this, you will only be asked one or two times a year. It is a great and easy way to get more involved, meet new people and hang out with old friends.

About once a month, the Connections Team will send out an email to that month’s chosen participants, asking for a reply. Please reply regardless of whether or not you will be able to join in this service opportunity. You will be able to change the suggested date, if needed.

Of course, COVID puts a fun spin on this as it does everything, so there may be times during the year (such as right now) when we have to stop doing this for a while. Let’s hang in there though and keep this community going!

Thank you and we look forward to connecting with you,
Anna and Sara, Connections Team,