UUCS Reopening-May 23, 2021

It came upon a Sunday morn, white flowers looking like stars resting on a green bush under the swaying green leaves of a tree offering shade to parked cars. One arrived and then another, getting there early to prepare for the big day, the reopening of UUCS. Chalk drawings on the sidewalk cautioned social distancing as people stood, eager to enter once again after 14 months.

Inside, Prayer Flags created by loving members hung on either side of the Sanctuary, representing hopes and dreams for the coming year. The cast and crew busied themselves with preparation, much as they have done since September,
and slowly they were joined, first by one, then by two, families, friends; some who had not seen each other since March of 2020. Yet they knew the way back, back to the building, back to the stained-glass window, back to the community they knew and loved. They reverently sat in chairs, guided by hosts, watching the balloons bob about by the fans, sitting quietly and listening to the music from the piano, and just being in the moment, and present, present in this sacred place.

And then the Minister stood, their friend and wise counsel, Rev. Rick stood and rang the brass singing bowl and suddenly they remembered. Remembered what to say, what to sing, how to worship, and they felt at peace. Then, as
quietly as they had come, they left. But it was ok, they had come and they knew they would be back. For they were home. Sunday May 23, 2021, they came home.
Until we see you again, we remain yours in service from

– Behind The Chalice