Special Congregational Meeting February 7, 2021

The UUCS Board is calling a Special Congregational Meeting via  Zoom to vote on a resolution to enter into a land use agreement with Habitat and Hope Village (HHV.) This meeting is scheduled for February 7 at noon. You must register to receive the link to join the meeting. Everyone in the congregation is encouraged to attend the meeting, even if you are not eligible to vote.

Read the full resolution.

Register to attend the February 7 meeting

Review the Special Congregational Meeting Packet

To be eligible to vote, you must have signed the UU membership book. In addition, in the fiscal year of the meeting (July 1 – June 30), you or your spouse/partner must have both entered a pledge and made a recorded contribution towards that pledge. (Contributions to other funds, such as Share the Plate do not count.) If you have questions about your eligibility, email treasurer@uusalem.org.

How to Assign a Proxy

If you cannot attend the meeting, you can designate a proxy. Proxy voters do not count towards the quorum. Therefore, we hope that all of our voting members will make every effort to join the meeting.

Steps to assign a proxy voter:

  1. Contact the person you want to act as your proxy. Ensure that they are willing to vote according to your wishes AND that they are not already acting as a proxy for someone else. (Due to the online voting process, we must limit proxy votes to one per household.)
  2. Fill out the Assign a Proxy form.