Join Our Legacy Campaign

Many of you have received our Legacy Campaign booklet in the mail. By November 22, we want to gain commitments of $1,000,000 to secure our Congregation’s future. Commitments include gifts made now and those planned for the future, especially end-of-life commitments.

Several members had already made end-of-life commitments before this campaign began; they total at least $740,000. Since we began the campaign quietly, we have received commitments of $148,000. A good start!
As an incentive, one couple has pledged that when other commitments in this campaign reach $450,000, they will add $50,000. Furthermore, when the total reaches $950,000, they will add yet another $50,000.

We ask for broad participation. This is not only for the well-to-do, or the elderly. Many members can commit an end-of-life contribution of some portion of their assets.

Please study our Legacy Booklet to read more about how you can participate. Then tell us your plans, using our Legacy Record form or just email George Struble the information, so that (1) when the time comes, we will know your wishes for use of the money, and (2) to qualify for the incentive pledge.

Members of the Legacy Campaign Committee are very willing to help you think through the possibilities for your participation. Contact George Struble, whose phone number and email address are on the last page of our booklet.