Sign Up for Sunday Fellowship Time!

Starting September 13 at noon (following the Water Communion service), we will all get an opportunity to see our smiling faces through a 30-minute Zoom Fellowship Gathering! In order to be part of this you do have to sign up, but only once to get an email link to the event. After signing up, you’ll receive a reminder email with the link each week! You will need to provide your own coffee or tea and whatever you wish to munch on. It will be a fun way to see old friends again and make new ones.

This is how it will work, we start with a general “hello”, and then you will go to break out rooms (it will be explained), where a facilitator will help you chat with one another, talk about the sermon, and generally get to know each other a little better. Almost as good as Hannaman Hall.

Don’t worry if you don’t sign up by September 13. Fellowship Time will happen every Sunday at noon, so can sign up and join any time.

Click here to sign up for Fellowship Time.
~The Connections Team