Microfinance -Holiday Gifts and Movie Tickets Fundraisers November 3 and 10

The UUCS Microfinance Committee’s annual fundraising events are after the November 3, and November 10 services in the fellowship hall. This is a great opportunity to buy wonderful holiday gifts including jewelry, textiles, and Northern Lights movie tickets.

1.We will be selling Basha products such as jewelry, textiles, and Christmas items. Basha is helping end trafficking in Bangladesh, India.
Basha = house and Aasha = Hope
So, Basha = House of Hope

2. Movie tickets – Movie tickets to the Northern Lights movie theater will be sold as well. A great place to relax and have snacks as you watch current movies you did not catch at first run.

For more information, contact: Ann Hanus, Chair, UUCS Microfinance Committee at ann.hanus@gmail.com

In 2008, UUCS Microfinance project started in response to Rev. Rick Davis’s call to our congregation to do something about global poverty.
Since then our congregation has raised $3,000 to $8,000 each year to help poor families in Laos, Peru, Zimbabwe, Kenya and now Nicaragua and India. We focus on working with a non-profit who work with people the banks cannot or will not help. For success stories see the UUCS website (https://uusalem.org/connection/affiliated-ministries/microfinance/)