To Blossom [Mother’s Day]

We’ll weave together consideration of motherhood, spiritual growth, drumming, and the work of American Unitarian minister William Ellery Channing. Come see what all these elements contribute to the essential human work of becoming our best selves.
Share the plate: DACA Scholarships
Celebrant: Janet Stevens, Anchor: Sara Pickett
First service music: Aimee Amend and Ryan Amend
Second service music: UUCS Choir

Creating Caring, Compassionate Community

We are called to create a caring, compassionate community here at UUCS. Our Life Lines Lay ministry feel called to invite more people to join us in this ministry. Come learn how you might be involved.
Share the plate: DACA Scholarships
Celebrant: Sara Pickett, Anchor: Steve Rosen/Laura Christian
Music both services: Ted Cory