Gratitude 101

A mother and son were visiting their local farmers market. They stopped at a stall, the vendor smiled at the little boy and gave him an orange. “What do you say to the nice man?” asked the mother. The child mulled it over, handed the orange back to the man and said, “Peel it.” OUCH! Not even a simple Thank You? Join us. Let’s talk about the Spiritual Practice of GRATITUDE.

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Celebrant: Arrhiannon Kirkpatrick, Anchor: LJ Frederickson
Music both services: Jon Chinburg

Intent and Impact

Interpersonal relations is not rocket science. It’s more complicated and there’s always something new to learn as we strive to create covenantal community here – that is, a community based upon trusting relations.
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Celebrant: Joanne Manson, Anchor: David Jeffers
First service music: Sara Greenleaf Second service music: UUCS Choir

Question Box Sunday

Bring your questions! Intern Minister Monica will do her best to supply responses about life, religion, and more, from the bottom of her heart and off the top of her head.

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Celebrant: Lennie Martin, Anchor: David Gortner
Music both services: Ted Cory