How to Join

As a non-creedal religion, we do not ask that you affirm any particular beliefs or renounce other religious community memberships to join. We do ask that you affirm agreement with our principles, sign the membership book, and make an identifiable contribution to our congregation.

We offer classes, new member recognition, and one-on-one time with our minister as part of the path to membership, but these elements are optional.

Path to Membership

UU 101 – A Historical Perspective

Join us for a discussion about Unitarian Universalism, the historic roots of our liberal religious tradition, and how we are an integral part of that ongoing narrative. The discussion is designed for those who are new to Unitarian Universalism, but all, new and experienced UUs, are welcome and encouraged to come and share their experiences.
UU 101 is scheduled for 12:30 pm on the first Sunday of alternate months (even numbered months) –  see dates in the side bar. Child care is offered – call the office to confirm.

UU 102 – A UUCS Overview

At UU102 we shift the discussion to our UUCS community. We’ll cover what it means to have a democratic governance, share our organizational structure, and offer an overview of our teams, committees and programs. Come find out more about where you can get involved!

UU 102 is scheduled for 12:30 pm on the first Sunday of alternate months (odd numbered months) – see dates in the side bar. Child care is offered- call the office to confirm.

Membership Invitation and Information

This is an informal opportunity to ask questions about what membership at UUCS means, the requirements and responsibilities of being a voting member, and how you may become engaged in our community. This is scheduled for each first Sunday of the month during the Fellowship hour.

Signing the Membership Book

At any point when you are ready, you are welcome to sign the Membership Book. Contact the office for details, or 503-364-0932.

Journey To Belonging

A three month covenant group that explores the spiritual journey: where we come from, where we are, what we look forward to exploring. All are welcome to join! The group will be facilitated by Reverend Richard Davis, or our Intern Minister, Monica Jacobson Tennessen. They occur on third Thursdays, from 7 to 8:30 pm. There are three sessions each year. Our first group started in October 2016. A new group will start in January, and another in April. Check in with the office for details.

New Member Recognition

Several times a year, UUCS recognizes the newest members. There is a short ritual during the worship service and then cake and coffee in honor of the new members during our Fellowship Hour.