B&B Accommodations for the Eclipse

Get your front row seats for the eclipse in Salem, Oregon on Monday, August 21st, 2017!   We are offering guest rooms in our members’ home(s) from August 19 through August 23 in return for donations to our church.  Extend your stay for a 40% break on additional nights, and enjoy even more of Salem, … Continued

Eclipse B&B Fundraiser

Get ready for “The Great American Eclipse.” August 21, 2017 is the magical day and UUCS has a unique opportunity  to raise significant funds for our congregation. How? We’re going to ask those congregants and friends who have spare guestrooms to make them available to visitors for a $60 to $200 per night donation to … Continued

Directory Photos June 18

Photos will be taken following the June 18 service in the Fellowship Hall. We continue to welcome new people into our congregation, and all are welcome to be part of our Directory, including individuals, couples and families.  Any current member who would like to add or update their directory photo can also stop by and get … Continued

Help With Bateman Woods Path Maintenance

Six years ago, Bateman Woods was 2 acres of UUCS land covered with blackberries and weeds that made 90% of the property inaccessible. Now, it’s an open and a beautiful place to visit. But, the land still needs lots of care. This month, June 2017, we’re expecting truckloads of free wood chips to be delivered … Continued

Youth (8-12 grade) Programming, Fall 2017-Spring 2018

Our youth, 8th – 12th Grade will be led by advisors with each Sunday having a focus.  This year, on the first Sunday of the month, the youth will focus on UU Identity.  The second Sunday of the month they will attend the Soul Matters Theme Sunday in the Sanctuary with their class.  The third … Continued

Summer RE Programming Starts June 25

SUMMER PROGRAMMING: starts June 25.  (NO individual RE classes on June 18.) In addition to our singing hymns and sharing a story to continue our exploration of the UU principles and purposes, our summer program will include working in the RE garden, helping clean up other areas of the UUCS grounds, visiting with roosters, enjoying … Continued

Results of the Annual Meeting

At the UUCS Annual Congregational Meeting on May 21, 2017, in keeping with our bylaws, the following items were approved by the congregation. The slate of candidates for board directors and officers The candidate for the nominating committee The 2017-2018 proposed annual budget The renewal of our status as a Welcoming Congregation. UUCS will become … Continued

Covenant Group Offerings This Fall

You’re invited to join a covenant group for the 2017-18 year, beginning this fall. Whether you’re a long-time member with lots of connections, a newcomer beginning to make those connections, someone returning after an absence and looking to reconnect, or anywhere else in between, you will enjoy this connection. Covenant groups are an opportunity to … Continued

Appreciation Potluck June 4

Join UUCS in appreciating all that we give to this community on June 4th after the 10:30 single service, approximately 11:45 am.  So many serve on committees and teams as well as take time to support the Religious Exploration program.  Let us all eat together and celebrate what we all bring to this community.  Below you … Continued

$150,000 in Maintenance Needs Identified

This year’s budget and the past several budgets have not added any money to the maintenance reserve fund, which needs $150,000 to address current maintenance needs in our 20 year old building. Can you help by increasing your pledge by just $5 to $50 per month?  If we average a $15.00 per month increase in … Continued