Sunday May 21, 11:45 am

Voting at our annual congregational meeting

The Annual UUCS 2017 Congregational Meeting will be held Sunday 21 May at 11:45 am following the single service at 10:30 am.  On the agenda will be:

  • Election of Board Directors and Officers
  • Election of a Nominating Committee member
  • Voting on the 2017-18 annual congregational budget
  • Voting on any resolutions proposed by the congregation with signatures from 10% of the voting body

Board Candidates

The Nominating Committee provided the following list of candidates for Board positions for the 2017-18 Congregational Year: 

Returning Board Members not requiring a vote this year:

  • Director Seat #4: Susan Farris-Gosser
  • Past Board Chair: LJ Frederickson

Retiring from Board

  • Stephanie Jernstedt
  • Paul Parmley (Secretary)
  • Elenie Smith
  • Lorna Youngs (Treasurer)

Nominating Committee Candidate

Returning Nominating Committee Members not requiring a vote this year:

  • Diana Bodtker (Chair 2016-17)
  • Mark Kendall

Retiring from the Nominating Committee:

  • Phil Carver