Forms to print and fill out:

Facilities Task/Work Order Form – Collects details for a facilities maintenance task.

Volunteer Background Check Form – Collects personal data required for performing a background check.  This is primarily used for RE volunteers.


Forms for Online Submission:

Event Publicity Request – Collects details about an event and where you want it publicized (newsletter, website, Sunday Announcements, Facebook).

Event Scheduling Request – Collects details for reserving UUCS facilities.

Social Justice Calendar Entry – Collects details for putting events on the Social Justice Calendar.  The event may or may not take place at UUCS.

Religious Exploration (RE) Registration – Used annually to register children for RE programs.

Covenant Group Sign-up – Used in the Fall when organizing the covenant groups.

Pledge Form – Collects information about your UUCS pledge commitment.


Informational Documents:

Team Leaders List

Governing Documents:

UUCS Bylaws
Covenant of Good Relations
RE Family Covenant
RE Family Responsibilities
Simenfalva Partnership Covenant
UUCS Communications Guide
UUCS list Guidelines for Use
UUCS Personnel Manual
Website Privacy Policy
External Communications Procedure
Safer Congregation Policy
Criminal Background Check Policy
Disruptive Behavior Policy
Harassment Free Environment Policy