Stop IP 22

Standing on the side of love heart black on yellow 2017-09-01One Oregon, CAUSA, IMIrJ, PCUN, and the Racial Justice Organizing Committee (RJOC) are organizations that are working to stop IP 22 from becoming law in November 2018. If IP 22 passes, it would strip Oregon of its sanctuary status.

It is unlikely we can prevent it from being on the ballot, but we can fight to have Oregon vote it down in November, 2018. 

Please stop by the SJAT information table in Fellowship Hall after Sunday Services to sign a form pledging that if asked, you will not sign the ballot initiative and if IP22 is on the ballot, you will vote NO.

To learn about more ways Oregon is trying to stop IP 22, go to Or download these materials from One Oregon below:

IP 22 Fact Sheet

IP 22 Talking Points

IP 22 Pledge Form

IP 22 Workshop for Oregon Immigrant Ballot Measure 2017